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Financial advice and you

Why advice?

The financial decisions that people make at different turning points in their life can have immediate and life-long consequences.

Good advice should provide the information you need to make the right decisions - decisions that suit your circumstances and your aspirations.

Read how financial advice affected the financial situation of a number of Australians in the Financial Planning Associations booklet, Good advice is money well spent.

What makes good advice?

Good advice helps you make the most of the assets you have, build assets, and achieve financial security and peace of mind. Good Advice:

  • Puts your needs first;
  • Is all about you and what you want – your situation, your goals and your circumstances;
  • Helps you better understand your financial situation;
  • Considers alternatives and provides solutions and strategies that suit your needs;
  • Clearly explains costs, conflicts of interests and any assumptions;
  • Helps you to prepare for, or adjust to, changes in your circumstances;
  • Equips you to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals;
  • Helps you make better informed decisions;
  • Provides you with security and peace of mind; and
  • Is clear and easy to understand.

Take the Financial Health Check on the Australian Government's Understanding money website.

Who can provide advice?

Good financial advice can significantly affect your lifestyle and your financial future. Unfortunately many people underestimate the real value of objectivity, experience and professional expertise. Fortunately, however choosing a professional adviser is simple. Start with a Licensee that has the size, scale and resources to stand behind the adviser and then choose an adviser authorized to provide the advice you require. An experienced adviser can make a significant difference to your financial future so look for an advice professional with a strong ethical code, a real understanding of your needs and a commitment to helping you achieve your financial and lifestyle needs. Your adviser’s membership of either the Association of Financial Advisers (“AFA”) or Financial Planning Association (“FPA”) is often a good indicator of their commitment to professionalism and ethical practices.

Because good advisers understand that you have short term, medium term and long term needs they will provide you with options and strategies that suit you and which clearly explain risks, costs and conflicts. An adviser that offers short cuts to wealth, can’t explain their strategies or can only talk about a single product is unlikely to provide the objective long term planning you require.